Friday, August 17, 2007


After Zack de la Rocha put an end to Rage Against the Machine, the remaining members reformed as Audioslave with former Soundgarden vocalist, Chris Cornell, in 2001. They released their self-titled full-length debut in 2002, which reached multi-platinum status based partly on the strength of the single "Cochise."

Vocals: Chris Cornell
Guitar: Tom Morello
Bass: Tim Commerford
Drums: Brad Wilk

The music is fueled by Cornell's powerful voice, Morello's unique and unconventional style of guitar playing, Commerford's smooth and funky basslines, and Wilk's powerful drumming. As with Rage Against the Machine, the band prides itself on the fact that all sounds are produced using only vocals, guitar, bass guitar, and drums.

On February 15, 2007, Chris Cornell officially announced his departure from Audioslave, issuing this statement:

"Due to irresolvable personality conflicts as well as musical differences, I am permanently leaving the band Audioslave. I wish the other three members nothing but the best in all of their future endeavors."

The fact that Rage Against the Machine will be reforming for a number of festival appearances in summer 2007 and that Chris Cornell plans to release and tour in support of a solo album further substantiate that Cornell's departure and the reforming of Rage Against the Machine mean the end for Audioslave.

2002 Audioslave
2005 Out of Exile
2006 Revelations

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