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Flyleaf - Fully Alive (Acoustic)

Flyleaf - Sorrow

Flyleaf - All Around Me (Live)

Flyleaf - broken wings (Kingdome Hearts)

Flyleaf - Breath today

Flyleaf - Cassie

Flyleaf - Cassie (Acoustic)

Flyleaf - Fully Alive

Flyleaf - I'm So Sick

Alice In Chains - Love, Hate, Love

Alice In Chains - Rotten Apple (live)

Alice in chains - Would? Ft. Phil Anselmo


Flyleaf is an alternative rock and post-grunge band from Belton, Texas. They originated as a band called Passerby, but due to legalities, the band name was changed to the current Flyleaf. "A flyleaf is the blank page at the front of a book," explains Lacey Mosley, Flyleaf's vocalist. "It's the dedication page, the place you write a message to someone you're giving a book to. And, that's kind of what our songs are -- personal messages that provide a few moments of clarity before the story begins." One of their favorite quotes might be "We are here just to make music."

Their music is a mix of hard rock styles. The band cites influences such as Rage Against The Machine, Foo Fighters, Incubus, The Smashing Pumpkins, and Nirvana.

The members of the band are proclaimed Christians, but their music covers broad topics. Christianity is an influence in their music, but it wouldn't be fair to call it their genre.

Five years ago, vocalist Lacey Mosley began playing music with drummer James Culpepper. Later on guitarists Jared Hartmann and Sameer Bhattacharya were recruited. "Sameer and Jared are really experimental with melodies and pedals, and we all had different influences that were all blending together with the same passionate and hopeful heart, and that brought out this beautiful feeling. It was magical," said Mosley. Bassist Kirkpatrick Seals joined in 2002.

Alice in Chains - Would? (Live Jools Holland 1993)

Alice In Chains - Nutshell

Alice in Chains - Again

Alice in Chains - Rooster

Alice in Chains - Would

Alice In Chains

Alice in Chains is an influential / group that emerged from the scene of the late 80’s and early 90’s. Along with Nirvana , Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, they formed the core of the so-called movement epitomized by distorted guitars, introspective lyrics, and a Northwest Pacific fashion sense of flannel shirts, denim jeans, and Dr. Marten boots. Unlike many of their peers, Alice in Chains owed more to than to or '70s rock, and often dwelled in more morbid subject matter, especially when their lyrics addressed the drug addiction of lead singer Layne Staley

Formed in 1987 by Staley, guitarist Jerry Cantrell, bassist MIKE STARR, and drummer Sean Kinney, the band performed under the names “Diamond Lie” and “Fuck” before adapting the name of Staley’s former band “Alice N’ Chainz” a speed metal outfit that performed in drag. Combining the unique voice and intense delivery of Staley with the evocative songwriting and vocal harmonies of Cantrell, Alice in Chains created an immediately identifiable sound that also proved to be quite versatile as their repertoire grew to include both driving, angry rock songs and mellow acoustic compositions.

The band found commercial and artistic success in the early 90’s, primarily through the release of Dirt which also highlighted Staley’s increasingly apparent addiction to heroin. The band appeared on the successful tour in 1993 and released the Jar of Flies EP in 1994, but often found its attempts to follow up success in the studio or on the road to be hampered by Staley’s erratic, drug-fueled behavior. Former Ozzy Osbourne bassist Mike Inez came to replace Starr and the band would eventually record a third studio LP as well as a performance of MTV Unplugged. Ultimately, however, Alice in Chains would fail to maintain a consistent career in the post-grunge music world and limped into hiatus when Cantrell turned his attention to solo projects (which often included contributions from Kinney and Inez). Staley finally succumbed to his affliction when he overdosed in April 2002.

Alice in Chains appeared in and contributed music to the Cameron Crowe movie “Singles” and also recorded two songs for the soundtrack to the Arnold Schwartzenegger film “Last Action Hero”. Staley was also a member of grunge side project/supergroup Mad Season with Mike McCready of Pearl Jam and Barrett Martin and John Baker Saunders of Screaming Trees.

Alice in Chains have released the following albums/EPs:
*Facelift (1990)
*Sap [EP] (1992)
*Dirt (1992)
*Jar of Flies [EP] (1994)
*Alice in Chains (1995)
*Unplugged (1996)
*Nothing Safe: The Best Of The Box (1999)
*Music Bank (1999)
*Live (2000)
*Greatest Hits (2001)
*The Essential (2006)

The surviving members of Alice in Chains reformed and played shows in late 2005 and early 2006 with a variety of guest vocalists, including Billy Corgan, Pat Lachman, Wes Scantlin, Maynard James Keenan, Ann Wilson and Phil Anselmo. For their European and U.S. tours of mid-late 2006, William Duvall (Comes With the Fall) performed lead vocals.

In spring 2007, the band announced they are writing new material with DuVall as an official, full-time member.

Megadeth - Hangar 18

Megadeth - Holy Wars

Megadeth - A Tout Le Monde

Megadeth - Of Mice & Men

Megadeth - 99 Ways To Die

Megadeth - No More Mr Nice Guy

Megadeth - Sleepwalker

Megadeth - Dave And Lars Interview

Megadeth - Insomnia

Megadeth In My Darkest Hour Unplugged Argentina Buenos Aires

Esta es una filmacion casera hecha por un fan en vivo en Plaza Francia (Capital Federal) Argentina, un dia antes de tocar en el Pepsi Rock donde luego grabo el DVD "That One Night".
Saludos amigo, que lo disfruten.

Megadeth - MotoPsycho (unplugged)

Megadeth - Lucretia Unplugged

Megadeth - Symphony Of Destruction (unplugged)

Megadeth - She Wolf (unplugged)

Megadeth - Dread And The Fugitive Mind (unplugged)

Megadeth - Trust (unplugged)

Megadeth - A Tout Le Monde (unplugged)

megadeth - promises

Megadeth - Promises (unplugged)


Megadeth is an American / band led by singer/guitarist Dave Mustaine. The band is considered one of the "big four" of American thrash metal, along with Metallica, Slayer, and Anthrax. Many of the band's songs focus on politics, war, and the military.

Mustaine was originally a member of Metallica and has writing credits on the band's first two albums; Kill 'em All and Ride The Lightning.

Besides Mustaine on lead, Marty Friedman shared many solos within Megadeth, being noted for his specific and unique scale/solo style, and further branding the very well known sound of Megadeth through the late 80's/early 90's. He later left Megadeth.

Megadeth formed in 1983, disbanded in 2002 due to an arm injury suffered by Mustaine, and reformed in 2004. The band's lineup has changed multiple times, with only Dave Mustaine remaining constantly throughout the years (although bass player David Ellefson remained in the band from 1983 until 2002).

Megadeth's new album "United Abominations" was released 15. May 2007.

Megadeth was recently seen on Gigantour along with Lamb of God, Opeth, Arch Enemy, Overkill, Into Eternity, Sanctity, The SmashUp and more

They are currently on The Heaven And Hell Tour with Black Sabbath, and Down

Megadeth are:
Dave Mustaine - (Lead Vocals, Lead, Rhythm, and Acoustic Guitars)
Glen Drover - (Lead, and Rhythm Guitars)
Shawn Drover - (Drums)
James LoMenzo - (Bass Guitar)

Hypnogaja - They Don't Care

Hypnogaja - Here Comes The Rain Again


Creed was a post-grunge group that became one of the biggest selling rock bands when they appeared in the late '90s.

On June 4, 2004, it was announced that Creed had broken up. Scott Stapp has recorded a solo album, The Great Divide, collaborating with Roadrunner Records recording artist Goneblind, while the other band members (including former bassist Brian Marshall) have formed a new band, Alter Bridge, with Myles Kennedy.

During their time as a band they recorded three main albums: My Own Prison, Human Clay, and Weathered. When the band broke up, a Greatest Hits album was created. Many of their songs were released on movie soundtracks and singles. One may notice a Christian bent in Creed's lyrics as well, which partly owes to Scott Stapp's strict Christian upbringing.

Cradle of Filth

Cradle of Filth is an English band, combining elements of symphonic, and heavy, and whose music and imagery combine a violent, sexually-charged atmosphere, with dark, yet often playful lyrics, helped along by Dani Filth's love for (and talent with) puns and wordplay. They started out in 1991 as a sympho black metal project but soon changed their tune.

In 1994, Cradle of Filth was signed to the record label 'Cacophonus', on which they released their first album 'The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh'. Cacophanous also Pressed the Vempire EP in 1996. After this the band were signed to Music For Nations, Where they produced three of their most prominent full length CDs to date; "Dusk and Her Embrace", "Cruelty and the Beast", and "Midian". The "From the Cradle to Enslave" EP and a Compilation dubbed "Bitter Suites to Succubi" also featured many original songs, as well as some covers. Then in 2003, they signed to Sony and released only one album on this record label, 'Damnation and a Day'. At the beginning of 2004 however, they left Sony and signed to Roadrunner records, which has been their label to date. They have also been signed to two other record labels; Music For Nations and Abracadaver. Cradle Of Filth created the record label Abracadaver and released one album under this name. They hope to sign bands to this label in the near future.

They have 11 studio albums to date They are:

- The Principle of Evil Made Flesh (1994)
- V Empire (or Dark Faerytales in Phallustein) [EP] (1994)
- Dusk... And Her Embrace (1996)
- Cruelty And The Beast (1998)
- From The Cradle To Enslave [EP] (1999)
- Midian (2000)
- Bitter Suites To Succubi (2001)
- Lovecraft And Witch Hearts (2002)
- Live Bait For The Dead (2002)
- Damnation And A Day (2003)
- Nymphetamine (2004)
- Thornography (2006)

As well as releasing all those studio albums, they have also released a number of DVDs including 'PanDaemonAeon', 'Heavy, Left Handed and Candid' and 'Peace Through Superior Firepower' . Cradle of Filth has also been involved in a horror film directed by Alex Chandon called 'Cradle of Fear' in which Dani stars as "The Man", the rest of the band also feature in the film.

Cradle of Filth have undergone numerous lineup changes in the past, the only person who has remained in the band from the start is Dani Filth himself.

Cradle of Filth are also known for doing covers such as: Hallowed Be Thy Name, Sodomy and Lust, Black Metal, For Those Who Died,No Time to Cry, Bestial Lust (Bitch), Sleepless, Devil Woman, Mr. Crowley, Temptation,Death Comes Ripping and Halloween 2.

One of the most famous Cradle of Filth songs to date is From the Cradle to Enslave, the uncut video of which was banned on MTV for extreme gore and nudity. Other famous songs being Dusk and Her Embrace, Her Ghost in the Fog, Born in a Burial Gown, Nymphetamine, Funeral in Carpathia, A Gothic Romance and the latest song Temptation.

Christina Aguilera

Christina Maria Aguilera (born December 18, 1980) is an American singer and . Classified as a 'spinto soprano' with a four octave vocal range, her skills have been compared to those of singers such as Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston.

She has achieved four number-one singles on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, as well as three top five albums in the United States. She has released five albums: Christina Aguilera (1999), Mi Reflejo (2000), My Kind of Christmas (2000), Stripped (2002), and Back to Basics (2006).

She has earned four Grammy awards: Best New Artist (2000), Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals (2002), and two Best Female Pop Vocal Performances (2004 & 2007). She also won a Latin Grammy in 2001 for Best Female Pop Vocal Album for Mi Reflejo.

On November 19, 2005 Aguilera married Jordan Bratman. Her latest album, Back to Basics, was released on August 15, 2006 and hit #1 on the albums chart.

Aguilera has collaborated with artists such as Ricky Martin, Andrea Bocelli, Luis Fonsi, P!nk, Lil' Kim, Mya, and Diddy.

Recently tabloids have speculated if she is pregnant or not. These rumors have not been confirmed yet. Christina is also set to recieve a Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star in 2008.

Children Of Bodom

Children of Bodom is a Finnish band from the city of Espoo, near Helsinki.

The name of the band comes from one of the most famous Finnish murder cases of all time. (The murdering of three teenagers one night at Lake Bodom back in the 60's.) Four teenagers (2 girls, 2 boys) went camping one night and three out of the four ended up being murdered. Irmeli Björklund (15 yrs), Tuulikki Mäki (15 yrs), and Seppo Boisman (18 yrs) were the three murdered... Nils Gustafsson (who was also 18 at the time) was the only one who survived. Up until 2004 he had lived a normal life, but then he was arrested by the Police who had reopened the investigation. The reinvestigation had uncovered evidence and testimony that supported a scenario in which Gustafsson got drunk and killed his friends in a fit of jealousy. In 2005 among much controversy the court found him not guilty.

Early Children of Bodom albums are inspired by classical music and death metal (Red Light in My Eyes pt. 1 starts with a line from J.S. Bach's Invention No.13 in A minor and Red Light in My Eyes pt. 2 includes selections from Mozart's 25th Symphony), and later albums are more inspired by a commercial thrash and hair metal, losing some of its earlier melodic style. A precise definition for their musical genre is discussed by fans and the specialized press alike, often discounting the influences of the band and the composition of songs. The lyrics of their songs are written in the English language and are often of a simplistic nature, dealing with the subjects of death and personal struggles. As the band grows in experience, so does their playing style. They seem to change one way or another with every album that gets released. Even the album cover arts seems to change as the band grows. They are now also hitting the mainstream part of metal, their name and style being more known now. COB continues to inspire many musicians alike and more join the COBHC everyday.

The bandmembers include Alexi Laiho (lead guitar and vocals), Janne Warman (keyboard), Roope Latvala (rhythm guitar), Jaska Raatikainen (drums) and Henkka T. Blacksmith (bass guitar).

Ex-members are Alexander Kuoppala (rhythm guitar 1995-2003, Jani Pirisjoki - Keyboards (1995-1997), Samuli Miettinen - Bass (1993-1995) and Erna Siikavirta - Keyboards (1998 European Tour)


Cher (born Cherilyn Sarkisian on May 20, 1946) is an American actress and singer of Armenian descent (from father's side). She rose to prominence in the 1960s as a member of the duo Sonny & Cher, then as a solo artist when the duo ended in 1974. She has sold over 100 million records worldwide since the start of her solo career.

In a career that has now surpassed 40 years, Cher has established herself as a pop icon. She is one of the most enduring entertainers of her time, having sold over 100 million records solo and 80 million records as half of Sonny & Cher.

From sequined spectacle to luminous Oscar-winner; TV vamp to Billboard's longest running chart-topper, Cher's success in music, film, television, and on stage qualifies her as one of the most enduring entertainers of our time. In a career defined, and redefined as much by dramatic missteps and spectacular recoveries, the chief constant has been her seemingly limitless determination.

Cher recently completed her 4 year Farewell Tour, to which she played over 325 Shows around the world! The Guinness Book of World Records dubbed it the Highest Grossing Tour by a female artist.

Recently it was announced that Cher is to replace Celine Dion in Vegas when Celine's run at Caesar's Palace is up in 2008.

The Cardigans

The line up of the band is currently Nina Persson on vocals, Peter Svensson on lead guitar, Magnus Sveningsson on bass guitar Bengt Lagerberg on drums, Lars-Olof "Lasse" Johansson on keyboards and guitar.

The five-piece met as teenagers in Jönköping, a small Swedish town in which the only distinguishing feature is its fifty-two churches. In October 1992, bonded by their mutual love of hard rock and folk music (they listed Nick Drake and Iron Maiden as their two biggest influences by 1994), guitarist Peter Svensson and bassist Magnus Sveningsson conceived The Cardigans. As their hometown was hardly a Mecca of musical enterprise, the group packed up and moved to the somewhat more central fishing port of Malmö, Sweden's third largest city, to seek their fortune. With Peter writing most of the music and the band as a whole composing the lyrics, the quintet set out to find a deal.

After an early recording of "Rise & Shine" appeared on a local independent label in 1994, The Cardigans were swiftly signed to Stockholm Records. The same year the band made their debut for the label with Emmerdale and later won the accolade of "Best Album of 1994" from Slitz, at the time Sweden's leading music magazine. The rise of The Cardigans has since been gradual, allowing them the time to develop naturally as their sales and positive exposure grew with each release. Their second long-player, Life, which followed in 1995, featured the hit singles "Carnival" and the re-recorded "Rise & Shine", and witnessed the band's first international chart success. Prior to the First Band on the Moon album in September 1996, The Cardigans released "Lovefool". Although the first response to the single was very positive and landed them in the Top 40, it achieved nowhere near the impact that awaited it the following Spring.

It was in 1997 that The Cardigans were first catapulted towards international superstardom. "Lovefool's" inclusion on the blockbuster Romeo & Juliet film soundtrack that Spring pushed them past the boiling point. The single not only reached No. 1 in both the UK and US airplay charts but also debuted at No. 2 in the UK national chart, where it remained top five for five weeks. All in all, the album reached more than 2.5 million sales worldwide, achieving Platinum status in the US and Japan, but only achieving Gold in the UK. The promotional activities supporting the worldwide success of "Lovefool" and First Band On The Moon were never ending. The band not only performed a yearlong world tour complete with endless radio sessions and press and television interviews, but even ended up making guest appearances on Beverley Hills 90210 and the David Letterman Show.

It was because of the sheer exhaustion resulting from such a schedule, that The Cardigans since took some well deserved time off at home in Malmö to recuperate their artistic juices and write new material. During their time off, however, the band was by no means dormant. In the beginning of 1999 they contributed a new track, "War", to the A Life Less Ordinary soundtrack, a live recording of "Been It" to the Lilith Fair compilation and "Deuce", featured on the new album, to the X-Files soundtrack. Their break also included experimentation with various solo projects.

In June 1998, the group, who are very loyal to their roots, once again joined long-time producer Tore Johansson at his studio, Country Hell, located beside the picturesque Svaneholm Castle in Malmö and recorded the album, Gran Turismo.

The first single "My Favourite Game", was a major hit in many territories. The video for "My Favourite Game" was directed by Jonas Åkerlund. The second single "Erase/Rewind" was released in January 1999, and this single also turned out to be a major hit around the world.

Gran Turismo reached more than 2.5 million sales worldwide.

The album Long Gone Before Daylight was released in February 2003 and from the album the singles “For What It’s Worth” and “You’re The Storm” were taken. The album received great reviews and the band spent most of 2003 touring Europe and North America.

As of Fall 2005, the band has released their latest album, Super Extra Gravity.

A Perfect Circle

A Perfect Circle was formed by Tool vocalist Maynard James Keenan and former Tool/Nine Inch Nails guitar tech Billy Howerdel in the late 90's. Josh Freese, a professional studio drummer and a permanent member of The Vandals and Devo, joined soon after.

The members of A Perfect Circle changed between albums, while many of the musicians still make guest appearances on the records. Maynard James Keenan, Billy and Josh Freese are the only permanent members of A Perfect Circle. The first line up which recorded Mer de Noms was Paz Lenchantin on bass and Troy Van Leeuwen of Failure, on rhythm guitar. When Van Leeuwen left for Queens of the Stone Age and Lenchantin for Billy Corgan's short-lived Zwan, two new members joined for the recording of Thirteenth Step. James Iha of the defunct The Smashing Pumpkins and Marilyn Manson's Jeordie White aka Twiggy Ramirez on rhythm guitar and bass, respectively.

A Perfect Circle is an extension of the progressive rock/metal style popularized by the aforementioned Tool in the early to mid-'90s.

While similar to Tool in intensity and melancholy, A Perfect Circle is more melodic with a theatrical, ambient quality that incorporates occasional strings and unusual instrumentation. Some of their songs maintain the dark quality that fans of Tool will recognise as signatures of Keenan's poetic style, but the subject matter is very different.

A Perfect Circle's songs are based much more on strong emotional themes, rather than strong philosophical ones. Some have described the more "feminine" quality of A Perfect Circle as a cosmo-erotic metaphor balancing the "masculine" energy of Tool. A Perfect Circle has been referred to as "Tool Light" and "diet-tool". In the last album (Emotive) the band feelings have evolved into a strong "Anti-War for money" protest.

They have released two studio albums of mostly original material (Mer De Noms(2000) and Thirteenth Step(2003)) as well as the covers album eMOTIVe(2004) and the compilation CD/DVD set aMOTIOn(2004).

The Cranberries

The Cranberries was an band that rose to mainstream popularity in the 1990s. Though not officially disbanded, as of 2003 they have been on hiatus.

Combining the melodic jangle of post-Smiths - with the lilting, trance-inducing sonic textures of late-'80s and adding a slight tint, The Cranberries became one of the more successful groups to emerge from the pre- U.K. indie scene of the early '90s. Led by vocalist Dolores O'Riordan, whose keening, powerful voice is the most distinctive element of the group's sound, the group initially made little impact in the dream United Kingdom.

It wasn't until the lush ballad Linger became an American hit in 1993 that the band also achieved mass success in the U.K. Following the success of Linger, The Cranberries quickly became international stars, as both their 1993 debut album, Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We?, and its 1994 follow-up, No Need to Argue, sold millions of copies and produced a string of hit singles. By the time of their third album, 1996's To the Faithful Departed, the group had added distorted guitars to its sonic palette and attempted to make more socially significant music, which resulted in a downturn in the band's commercial fortunes. During the next few years, the band cancelled a large tour and rumors of a breakup were widespread. They released Bury the Hatchet to mixed reviews in 1999.

In 2001, they released Wake Up and Smell the Coffee to rave reviews of "The magic is back." The album debuted at number 46 in the U.S. charts.

In 2004, The Cranberries announced they were taking some time to pursue individual careers. They decided to put the next album on hold. After more than a dozen years of relentless touring and promotion, which had seen them clocking up album sales in excess of 38 million and playing to hundreds of thousands of fans around the globe, the band decided it was time for a break.

In 2006, the song Linger appeared in the movie Click.

In 2007, Dolores O'riordan released her debut solo album named: "Are you listening?".

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Red Hot Chili Peppers is a band that is based in Hollywood, California and was formed in 1983.

The band initially formed as a joke act, calling themselves Tony Flow and the Miraculous Masters of Mayhem. Upon renaming themselves Red Hot Chili Peppers, they played a handful of small club venues in Los Angeles in 1983, before they were signed to EMI Records.

Anthony Kiedis (1983-present).

Notable guitarists (in chronological order):
Hillel Slovak (1983-1984, 1985-1988),
Jack Sherman (1984),
John Frusciante (1988-1992, 1998-present),
Arik Marshall (1992-1993),
Jesse Tobias (1992-1993)
Dave Navarro (1993-1998).

Michael Peter "Flea" Balzary (1983-present)

Notable drummers (in chronological order):
Jack Irons (1983-84, 1987-88),
Cliff Martinez (1984-1987),
D.H. Peligro (1988),
Chad Smith, (1988-present).

The Chili Peppers' original guitarist, Slovak, was replaced in 1984 by Jack Sherman, while Slovak and Irons recorded music with their band at the time, What Is This? Upon Slovak's return, Sherman was fired from the band.
Following Slovak's death of a heroin overdose, a young John Frusciante took over as guitarist in 1988. Frusciante, however, quit the band in 1992 due in part to his sadness at the band becoming so successful in such a short time; complex personal issues, involving an addiction to heroin, were also a factor. He was then replaced by Arik Marshall. Approximately a year later, Marshall left the band, to be replaced by former Jane's Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro.

After the release of 1995's One Hot Minute, Navarro's escalating drug habits became a subject of conflict. In 1998, Navarro was fired from the band, to be taken over by none other than former guitarist, Frusciante, who has remained in the band ever since.

Founder and guitarist Hillel Slovak did not actually appear on the self-titled debut album, despite performing and writing the content with the band prior to recording. He was replaced by Jack Sherman for the recording of the album, but returned to the band for second album, Freaky Styley. The third album, Uplift Mofo Party Plan, is in fact the only album to include all four founding members. After this, Slovak overdosed on heroin, and subsequently did not appear on future albums (Mother's Milk, Blood Sugar Sex Magik - on which Frusciante provides guitars, One Hot Minute - Navarro, Californication and By the Way - Frusciante) Frusciante is also on their latest release Stadium Arcadium.

Bassist claims to have nearly quit following the tour for 2002 album By the Way due to feeling sidelined following Frusciante's development as a guitarist. Flea has been quoted as saying that the issue has now been resolved.

Frusciante has also been making solo albums for a number of years. His new album with the band Ataxia is coming out June 30 2007, and will be titled Ataxia II.

In 2003 Flea played bass on The Mars Volta's album Deloused In The Comatorium. Frusciante added guitar to tracks on Deloused and 2005's Frances The Mute. He also played rhythm guitar on The Mars Volta's Amputechture. Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez, guitarist for The Mars Volta, appeared on Stadium Arcadium, playing the solo on "Especially In Michigan".

Powerman 5000

Powerman 5000 is a Boston-based heavy metal/nu-metal band formed in 1989. Frontman Spider One (Michael Cummings) is the younger brother of Rob Zombie (Robert Cummings).

Lineup includes Spider One (vocals), Terry Corso and Johnny Rock (guitar), Siggy Siursen (bassist), and Adrian Ost (drums).

In 1990, Spider dropped out of art school and bought a cheap 4-track home studio and drum machine. Working under the title "MC Spider", he recorded "Much Evil" with producer Lamar Lowder. Building on local success, he built a band under the name Powerman 5000. Their style was in the nature of rap/metal that had yet to gain popularity. In 1991, longtime guitarist Adam 12 (Adam Williams) joined the band. In 1994 and 1995, Powerman released two independent records, True Force and The Blood Splat Rating System. Both albums were local successes.

In 1997, the band signed to Dreamworks Records and released a re-recording of The Blood Splat Rating System (with two new tracks) titled Mega!! Kung Fu Radio. The band toured and released singles such as "Organizized" and "Tokyo Vigilante #1". In 1999, Guitarist M.33 (Mike Tempesta) joined the band as they got their biggest break. Creating a strange fusion of science fiction (which had always interested Spider) and "Action Rock" (the term for their own high-energy powerful rock), they released Tonight the Stars Revolt!, which contained the hit singles "When Worlds Collide", "Nobody's Real", and "Supernova Goes Pop". The album sold over a million copies and assured the band's success.

A follow-up album titled "Anyone For Doomsday?" was recorded and a single ("Bombshell") had been released to radio stations, but the album was cancelled just before its scheduled release. Due to being heavily downloaded illegally, Anyone For Doomsday? was later released under Spider's own new label, Megatronic Records, but has since gone out of print due to legal issues. Arguments exist as to whether the record was cancelled due to the events of the September 11th terrorist attacks and the negative title, but the album was finished and scheduled to be released in August of 2001, a full month before the attacks. Spider has said in interviews that the album was dropped because it sounded too much like the previous album and that he wanted to release something fresh and different instead of repeating himself. Conflicts thereafter caused longtime members Dorian 27 (Dorian Heartsong) and Al3 (Allen Pahanish) to leave the band. Ad7 (Adrian Ost) and Siggy Sjursen were brought in to replace them. Ironically, "Bombshell" resurfaced, as the entrance music for the (now-formerly WWE) tag-team wrestlers, The Dudley Boyz.

In 2003, the band released "Transform", a more punk-fuelled album, completely dropping the costumes that had been featured throughout the band's "Tonight The Stars Revolt!" era. Containing the hit singles "Free" and "Action", the album sounded much more live and less filled with industrial metal electronics. After the release of Transform, Dreamworks Records was bought out by Interscope Records, and Powerman 5000 decided not to make the move. Undeterred, Spider continued with his own offshoot label Megatronic Records. In 2005, new music was released, both in the form of a rarities album titled The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, Vol. 1 and in new music from an upcoming album.

A new tour was also started, but M.33 had left the band and Adam 12, while present on the upcoming album, was not touring. Former Alien Ant Farm guitarist Terry Corso and former Halfcocked (the first band on Spider's label) guitarist Johnny Rock were brought in to round out the live show. The band has recently completed their new album, called "Destroy What You Enjoy". The band has announced that they are signed to DRT Enterainment, who will release their upcoming album, of which the song "Wild World" is the new single and video.


Portishead is a band from Bristol, England, named after the small coastal town of Portishead, 12 miles west of Bristol. They are an important part of the scene which started in Bristol in the 90's. With their tasteful use of live samples and intentionally sound, the band has been cited as influential by many modern musicians including guitarist Wes Borland, Hip-Hop star Kanye West, and underground producer DJ DangerMouse. (The name is pronounced 'Pore-tiss-hed', with a hard 's' in the middle, and not 'por-ti-shed').

The band was formed in 1991, by keyboardist/multi-instrumentalist Geoff Barrow and singer Beth Gibbons. Barrow had previously worked with two other bands from Bristol, Massive Attack and Tricky, and decided to name his new endeavour after his hometown.

After releasing a short film (To Kill A Dead Man) and its accompanying music, Portishead signed a record deal with Go! Beat and their first album, Dummy, was released in 1994, and featured heavy contributions from guitarist Adrian Utley. In spite of the band's media-shyness, the album was successful in both Europe and the United States, spawning two hit singles, "Glory Box" and "Sour Times". Portishead has often been used as accompanying music in the media. Such examples include car adverts, Channel 4 intermissions and the teenage drama series Sugar Rush.

Their second album, Portishead, was released in 1997, and featured the single "All Mine". A live album featuring new orchestral arrangements of the group's songs was recorded primarily at Roseland in New York City, and released in 1998 with a DVD of the concert soon following. 1999 saw a cooperation with singer Tom Jones for a track on his album Reload.

There have been rumours of a third album to be published, possibly called Alien, but no such record has been released, and Portishead's official site dismisses the rumours: "We have noticed that there is some confusion on an album release called "Alien". Please be aware that this is NOT a Portishead release. The band are in the studio working on new material now but no release dates are scheduled as yet. Keep an eye on the site as any release plans will of course be announced here first!" Portishead official site news.

As of May 2007, no new album has been released. There is another so-called Portishead album circulating called 'Pearl', but this is actually an album by Mandalay.

Portishead did show the first signs that their third album was progressing by posting two new tracks on their myspace page in August 2006. However these were subsequently dismissed by Geoff Barrow as 'doodles'. On October 18, 2006 Geoff Barrow confirmed that a third album was currently being recorded.

Also, in the summer of 2006 Portishead covered Serge Gainsbourg's "Un Jour Comme Un Autre" ("Requiem for Anna") on the tribute album entitled Monsieur Gainsbourg Revisited. Oddly, Beth Gibbons' vocal performance sounds nothing like her previous Portishead contributions.

In February 2005 the band appeared live for the first time in seven years at the Tsunami Benefit Concert in Bristol. Also in 2005, Utley and Barrow produced The Coral's The Invisible Invasion. Barrow along with Utley, Clive Deamer and John Baggott also assisted with the production of Stephanie McKay's McKay album in 2003 under the Go!Beat label. Utley also contributed to the Black Cherry album by Goldfrapp.

Portishead and other so-called trip hop groups have expressed dislike for the term, arguing it is a media invention designed to categorize their otherwise not-so-categorizable music.