Friday, August 17, 2007


Hypnogaja is a Los Angeles, CA based quintet. The band tours the U.S. consistently and has shared stages with artists such as Shinedown and Cold. Their music has been featured in several TV shows (LAS VEGAS, AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL, SEX AND THE CITY, ROSWELL) and feature films (Touchstone's COLD CREEK MANOR, starring Sharon Stone).

BELOW SUNSET, Hypnogaja's latest studio recording, ranges in style from hard rock to quiet piano ballads with a thread of symphonic elements and electronics inherent throughout. The album contains the songs "They Don't Care" (video featured on MTV2 On Demand and MTVU) and a remake of Eurythmics' hit "Here Comes the Rain Again."

Hypnogaja's newest release, ACOUSTIC SUNSET - LIVE AT THE LONGHOUSE (produced by Wendy Waldman), contains 12 stripped-down, live performances plus the brand new studio track, "I'm Not One Of You."

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