Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones were founded in 1962 by British guitarists Brian Jones and Keith Richards, drummer Charlie Watts, bassist Bill Wyman, and singer Mick Jagger. The group is undoubtedly a pioneer of music, and has been praised by both critics and fans alike for years. In between changes of the band's lineup, the Rolling Stones have remained together for over forty years. They remain extremely influential to this day, and the band's current members are Keith Richards and Ron Wood on guitar, Charlie Watts on drums, and Mick Jagger on vocals.

The Rolling Stones are currently in a world tour for their new album A Bigger Bang which is classified as an ambitious, wide-ranging collection of hard-hitting, high-powered and songs. Running a full sixteen tracks, it is the band's longest new album since 1972's Exile on Main Street. Key cuts include "Streets Of Love," the first international single; "Rough Justice," which will be targeted to U.S. rock radio formats; and "Back Of My Hand," a raw, rough-edged new song in the classic Rolling Stones blues style. They are to return to Europe this summer for more shows on the enormously successful tour. It is currently the highest grossing tour ever on record.

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